NetEnt has a long history of revamping some of the classical traditional casino games with a rich history in the gambling world. This is exactly what the firm did with the revamping of the classic Swipe and Roll slot games available at . The game has a high payout percentage with real cash rewards.

Layout of Swipe and Roll

The main theme of the fruit machine is set on a diner date that resonates with the 1950's vibe. NetEnt tried to blend between retro and modern video slot that resonate with the current customer experience for online casinos such as at hxuniversity . The high volatility slot makes up for a popular joint for high rollers.

  • The game does not feature free spins
  • However, it features re-spins

The background of the game features a rich historic display with high quality graphics set at the back of a rich rock and roll music theme. The video slot is set on three rows, five reels and 20 paylines. This is inclusive of wild substitutions, re-spins, bonus, coin wheel and multipliers for players.

Available Bonus Slot Features

A major unique characteristic that makes Swipe and Roll fruit machine is with a wide number of bonus features. Unfortunately, the games does not come inclusive of free spins for players. For making up for this shortage, the game features a wide selection of re-spins for players to make the most from.

Furthermore, the slot game makes up with three additional bonus features that makes it totally worth it and rewarding with real cash rewards. Players are handed with a higher winning potential with the maximum payout for the game for the players. The jackpot feature offers a chance for players to hit the maximum payout for the game.


How to Win Real Money from Swipe and Roll

Given the high variance nature of the fruit machine, players can make maximum payouts from the slot machine. Through the re-spin features, players can gain access to multipliers, which are more than 27 times of their wager. The multiplier can further double up basing on the bonus features which are handed to the players at the casino.

Swipe and Roll presents a case of a high volatile slot meaning that the risks are higher but the rewards are even higher. You need to strike a balance between the re-spins bonus feature as you wiggle around the wild symbols present during the game. Target filling all the three middle reels with X3 symbols.

  • Features a multiplier within a multiplier
  • Small bets with base game

Multiplier and Wild Symbols

These two types of symbols are common with the game play and form the base of the fruit machine and the resultant bonus game. With the standard wild symbol, when it appear on all the reels, it substitutes all other symbols excluding the scatters. As a player, you should target this game play for potential real cash rewards.

When the multiplier wilds come up on the second, third and fourth reel, it multiplies the win of the game by three times. With a minimum three wilds appearing at any point on the reels with the single spin, it ends up triggering the re-spin bonus feature. For the one spin, it locks up all the wild symbols.

  • Scatter symbol triggers bonus game
  • Re-spin win triggers five time initial stake

How to Increase Your Winnings with Reels

With the coin wheel feature, it can be triggered at any random point and guarantees five times of the initial stake into the game. With the wheel of fortune, spinning of the single reel reveals the point you win a coin. The scatter symbol triggers another bonus game or increasing your potential winnings with the indicator.

With the three bell scatter, the bonus game can be triggered and you will gain access to three new reels with the Swipe and Roll slots. When swiping each reel in revealing a coin win or increasing your winnings, you point the indicator either up, down or both directions. Your winnings increase with the indicator landing on mark.