Netent recently agreed on an enormous deal to purchase Red Tiger, a casino game making company. Red Tiger is known for amazing games like Troll Lord and Mimic Queen. The company has been supplying games to online casinos like for close to five years now.


Netent Red Tiger Merger

Both companies agreed on additional 23 Million Pounds that will be paid by 2022. The purchase is an important move for Netent as they seek to reaffirm their supremacy in the industry. Popular online casinos like cedarvale-gardens have endorsed the franchised as the main supplier of slots.

The transaction leaves Netent in pole position. This is because the company will now take over the existing Red Tiger user base, increasing their net coverage. Users of both franchises will have access to every game they offer be it Mimic Queen, When Pigs Fly or Quest Immortality.

  • Netent and Red Tiger will now share severs.
  • Netent will take over Red Tiger.
  • Users of both companies will get access to all games available.

Red Tiger Background

Red Tiger is a popular online game maker and is specialized in casino games and software. It's very popular for its daily jackpot games. Given its young experience in the industry, the franchise has grown remarkably. Red Tiger had around 200 employees at the time it was bought.

The company has a good financial history. Its earnings before taxes were around 18 Million pounds last year. This was the highest number posted by a company of 200 employees. Red Tiger won the innovation award both in 2017 and 2018. It recorded the highest profit in 2019.

Reason for the Merger

Netent bought Red Tiger in line with its vision of becoming the future of online gaming. In the last few years, Netent has invested heavily in global players with the intention of improving customer experience. The purchase was much welcome both by gamblers and investors.

Purchasing Red Tiger gives Netent a huge lead and opportunity to capitalize on its excellent technology and growth. The purchase combines two of the most innovative and leading companies in the online gaming industry. This means that both Netent and Red Tiger users will now enjoy improved services.

  • Netent and Red Tiger merger welcomed by investors.
  • Red Tiger is known for its daily jackpots.

About Netent Gaming

Netent is one of the best gaming companies providing premium gaming experiences to the most advanced casino operators. Since its inception back in 1966, Netent has strived in challenging Microgaming as the biggest game company. Some of its major successes are slot games like When Pigs Fly.

According to its CEO, Netent's biggest commitment is helping their customers stay ahead of competitors and win big out of their slot games. The company as employed over 1500 people and has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malta. It has clinched the innovation award for 5 times.

  • Mimic Queen Slot Game
  • Quest for Immortality

Benefits of the Purchase

It is not a secret that Netent will become stronger after buying Red Tiger. Netent's biggest competitors, Microgaming, was enjoying the daily jackpot betting scene. A good number of gamblers had ditched Netent for them because they preferred the daily jackpot option. Red Tiger has this betting option.

The purchase will increase Netent fan base by far. As mentioned earlier, Red Tiger had a huge number of users. The daily jackpot future will be a gold mine to Netent. It is like they have strengthened their weakest point through purchasing Red Tiger.